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Lidding Foil: What Is It? How Is It Made? Forming

The world of pharmaceuticals is quite huge. From the manufacturing of the medicines to their packaging, there are different things that one must go through to accomplish the entire process. Lidding foil is one of the most common names in pharmaceuticals and is used by every Aluminum Foil Manufacturer in France.

If you have just heard about the lidding foil and are eager to know what it is and how it is made, here we are with a guide that will resolve all your queries effectively.

What is AluminumLidding Foil?

Lidding foil is a protective coating put on the drugs or pills to keep them safe for a longer run. These pre-formed packaging materials are formed of thermoformed plastic cavities and also include a plastic lid. It protects the medicines from moisture and light. In other words, it ensures that there are no changes in their quality as well as smell. It is the best option that helps keep the medicine's shelf life for a maximum of two years.

How is it Made?

Lidding foil is a protective covering put over the tablets after they are manufactured to keep them safe from the sunlight and moisture. As per Aluminum Lidding Foil Manufacturer this protective covering improves the shelf life of the medicines. There are different methods of making lidding foil:

Powder Filling Method

It is one of the most common methods used to create lidding foil. The method includes a mixture of powdered fillers like povidone, starch, kaolin, and talc, mixed with water to form a paste. The mixture is then applied to the tablets with the help of a brush or spoon. The shape and size of the tablets depend on the surface on which they will place.

Gusseted Tablet Method

It is another more straightforward method for preparing the Lidding foils that seem similar to the powder filling method. The only difference here is that it is used to make gusseted or paper-backed tablets.

Injection Molding Method

This method of Lidding foil preparation is used for making impressions in a mold depending on what shape you want to make or the tablets of injections are off.

Extrusion Method

This method is also known as EBM, i.e., Extruded Blow Molding. It is used for making films that further help prepare the base of the lidding foil. The process includes plastic polymers like polyethylene which acts as a good base for medicine to be put in a machine. The plastic polymers are heated to form a thin layer or film. It is also called Extruded Blow Molding (EBM).

The lidding foils made through different methods are then stuck to the tablets using the vacuum.


So, Guys! Hopefully, you have learned about the lidding foil and its formation in detail. Lidding foils are one of the most critical aspects of any pharma company. It is the base used for packing medicines and injecting, protects them from light and moisture, and improves their self-life effectively. The lidding foil is made using three methods. The final selection is usually made while considering the medicines and injections to be filled inside it.