Light Gauge Foil - Raviraj Foils Limited

Light Gauge Foil

RAVIRAJ FOILS LIMITED manufactures light gauge converter foil with the following general specification. The final product specifications made as per agreed contract with the customers.

Foil Material :

Below 9 micron: Aluminium alloy AA8079 or AA1235 conforming to Aluminium Association, USA specification.

9 micron and above micron: Aluminium alloy AA8011, AA 8079 and AA 1235 conforming to Aluminium Association, USA specification.

Temper: Soft(Fully annealed; ’O’)
Thickness(mm): Below 0.006,0.006,0.00635,0.007,0.009,0.012,0.018,0.020,0.025
Width: 350 mm to 2100 mm
Thickness tolerance: ± 6%
Width Tolerance: ± 1 mm
Wet ability-Surface tension: Grade A or to withstand 72 dynes/cm on each surface of the foil.
Surface: One side matt and other side bright, Both side bright.
Stickiness: Material shall be free on 1.5 meter length load.
Type of Core: Aluminium or Steel
Core ID: 76.2 mm or 152.4 mm
Reel OD: Max. 850 mm(According to the customer order)
Splice: Shall be made of smooth ultrasonic welding throughout the web width.
Number of Splice: Average number of splices per roll shall not exceed two per roll.

Pin Holes:

Thickness (mm) Pin holes per square meter (Max.)
Below 7µm 450
8 -9 µm 150
10-12 µm 100
13 -16 µm 10
17.25 µm 1
>25 Free of pin holes

Physical Properties: Tensile strength: 65- 100 N/mm²( Test Condition: Measuring length:100 mm, sample width:15mm, testing speed:100mm/min

Thickness(mm) Elongation (%)
Below 7µm >1.0
8 -9 µm >1.5
10-12 µm >2.5
13 -16 µm >3
17-25 µm >4.5
>25 >5
Identification: Each reel is identified with a ticket having Product name, reel number, specification.
Packing: Rolls individually wrapped and secured to prevent damage or contamination in storage and/or transit. Placed in wooden box.
Test Certificate(COA): Test certificate incorporates (a) Thickness (b) Width (c) Wet ability (d) No of pin holes and any other information sought by the customer can also be given.
Food Grade :

This specification complies with all applicable EU Regulations and directives regarding food contact legislation in particular with

• EU Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004

• EU Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice.

• Directive (EC) 94/62, Article 11 and US CONEG regarding the heavy metal content of the sum of Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr < 100 ppm.

The used rolling oil complies with FDA 21CFR S 178.3910(a)

This specification complies with the following applicable European Norms: EN 573-3,EN 602