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What are the products of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging?

Aluminum foils have become one of the most common products all across the globe. Whether we have to pack a food item or it is about keeping anything fresh for a longer time, aluminum foils are being used everywhere. The aluminum foils have worked amazingly great in pharmaceutical packaging as well. It has emerged as a partner that makes it easier for the pharma people to keep sensitive medicines safe.

Aluminum foil is supposed to be a safe packaging option that protects the medicines from oxygen, moisture, and other environmental influences. Blister packaging is common in the pharmaceutical industry. The aluminum foil is used to create a push-through closure with lid film or blister film where tablets and capsules are protected perfectly and hygienically. These blister packs are compact and easy to port and handle. The integration of aluminum foil has made aluminum blister foil manufacturers keep every tablet well protected from the effects of the external environment and hence keep the effectiveness of all of the tablets intact.

Heat Sealing Lacquer

Heat sealing lacquer is used for sealing the blister with the blister film. In this process, the plastic push-through blister is perfectly sealed and covered with aluminum for ensuring effective protection of the tablets. The aluminum foils are applied after the tablets are put in individual cavities. The right amount of pressure along with heat and time is being applied to seal the lacquer on the aluminum foil perfectly.

Blister Cover Foil

Aluminum foil manufacturers in France use both hard and soft aluminum for making push-through packaging. The soft aluminum foil usually does have high stretching power and requires more force to flip open and hence making the packaging children resistant.

Hard Aluminum Cover

The cover of the hard aluminum is also constructed with aluminum foil. For taking the drug out of the packaging, one has to push the hard aluminum to push the opening further. The outsell of this packaging is usually printed and visible to the consumer. In case a heat seal primer is being applied with heat seal lacquer, it is quite necessary to have a double coating of the aluminum foil on it. The heat seal primer perfectly adheres to the aluminum foil whereas the heat sealant protects the medicines from the color pigments perfectly.

Soft Aluminum Cover

The soft aluminum cover is required to keep the tablets safe from the accessibility of children. The soft aluminum cover requires a lot of pressure to force open. It is a flexible aluminum foil that seems to be harder for the children to open.

Aluminum and Paper/PET Blister Film

Composite aluminum and paper and PET blister films are used as cover films in aluminum foil container manufacturers in Italy. The cover foils with paper and aluminum foil are directly printed on the outward-facing surface of the paper. This is known as peel-off push-through packaging and is widely used in pharmaceutical companies in Europe.


The world of pharmaceuticals has grown quite vast in the last few years. A vast range of affordable medicines is being consistently built and that has further improved the requirement for technological growth and a vast range of diversified products as well. Aluminum foil has emerged as the leading partner of this industry that is being used here in different formats.