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All You Need to Know About Aluminum Foils, Types & Uses

Aluminum Foil: A name that doesn't need recognition to make it. Almost all of us do have aluminum foil rolls in our house. The majority of us use aluminum foil for wrapping food items. But do you know it's not the only use of aluminum foil?

Are you aware of the numerous uses and types of these aluminum foil manufacturers make?

If not, stay connected with us in this guide till the end to get the absolute answer to your query.

Aluminum foils come up as a handy solution for a wide range of issues these days. It is one of the most commonly used things at home on a daily basis. Right from using it directly in the microwave for heating food to using it as an aluminum foil container for storing food, from disposable food containers to disposable cutlery, there are a lot of options where we use the aluminum foils eventually.

As the demand for aluminum foil has been raised a lot in the last few years, the developers have come up with a vast range of aluminum foil types these days for solving the different issues. The best thing about aluminum foil is that it is recyclable and hence can be used as an all-purpose product in a kitchen.

Types of Aluminum foils

Aluminum foil is a handy option that has made your life much easier. To fulfill the demands of the growing population, aluminum foils manufacturer Germany develop the same in different types. If you are eager to know what exactly they are, just check out the options we are providing you below:

Aluminum Blister Foil

Aluminum blister foil comes up with a thickness of about 25 - 28 microns. This aluminum foil option is quite suitable for the hard packing of medical and pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, and pills.

Aluminum Strip Pack Foil

Aluminum strip pack foil is designed for strip packaging of products such as capsules and tablets. The foil is supposed to be a perfect barrier to moisture and vapor gasses and blocks up the passage of light and other unwanted odors through it.

Aluminum Lidding Foil

It is a high performing aluminum foil option in the list that is used in the pharmaceutical sector for blister packaging. The lidding foil is used in the upper part of the pharmaceutical blister packaging.

Aluminum Light Gauge Foil

It is a thin aluminum foil option with a thickness of about 0.0075mm. This type of aluminum foil is used for labeling cigarettes, wine, soft packaging, sterile foil capacitor, and decoration purposes.

Uses of Aluminum foils

The aluminum foil is a metallic structure that is super useful. If you are eager to know how just check out the uses being mentioned below:

  • It is used for line cabinets and drawers.
  • It is used for polishing silverware conveniently.
  • One can make use of aluminum foils for cleaning grills.
  • It helps in protecting the pie crust conveniently.
  • You can conceal a credit card for keeping it safe throughout.
  • Aluminum foil in the form of steel wool is used for cleaning cookware.
  • It can eventually scare away birds and hence can prove to be a friend to the gardeners and farmers.
  • It can help you safely move heavy furniture.
  • It is the best way to iron clothes faster.


So, Guys! It is all about aluminum foil, types, and uses. Aluminum foil manufacturers in England eventually have worked for developing aluminum foils for a wide range of purposes. Whether it is about kitchen, or pharmaceuticals, this option is greatly useful in every section. Hope guys, you have successfully acquired all of the basic information about this wonderful product in detail.