RaviRaj Foils – Aluminum Supplier in Germany

We are the global Aluminum Foil supplier in Germany. We have holding the prominent place of foil manufacturing in industry over 2 decades with the best quality and high customer satisfaction ratio. Our produced foils are best with hygiene that suitable for use in pharmaceuticals and flexible packaging industries globally. At this time, the Aluminum foil is a common household item used for cooking, baking, and storing food. It is also used in the packaging of food and cosmetics. Aluminum recycling has been growing in recent years because aluminum cans are becoming less popular and aluminum foil can be recycled into new sheets of metal.

We are the one stop solution for your all needs of Aluminum Foils. We offer blister foil, which is a hard Aluminum Foil suitable for blister packing of Pharmaceutical Products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc. The Strip pack foil is also available that is a range of soft Aluminum Foils suitable for strip packaging. The Lidding Foil which is used as sealing in the jars, cups, & tubes and the Semi Rigid Containers are also manufactured by RAVIRAJ Foils.

Why to Choose RAVIRAJ Foils?

RAVIRAJ Foils is the well known quality Aluminum foils supplier in Germany. We have a wide range of products as well as a huge numbers of highly satisfied customers across the country. As we also serve FMCG and the pharma industry, we never compromise with quality. We are highly conscious of hygiene and quality. From the first unit to the last unit, we boast to serve you the same quality products. To maintain the same quality we neglect the outsourcing job work. We have full in-house production as well as packaging of the final product on our own and there are no third parties involved in this operation.We have a huge number of satisfied customers as well as we gained the RFL and GMP certificates. These certifications are given for our quality products.

Blister Foil

RAVIRAJ Foils offer Blister Foil a range of hard Aluminum Foil suitable for blister packing. We offer standard gauge options from 0.020 mm, 0.025 mm, and 0.030 mm. Our Colorless Vinyl Resin ensures the applied Government regulations regarding direct contact with medicines and drugs. Hence we are the best Blister Foil Supplier in Germany. As per the customer's request, we print the text, layout, and shade given by the customer on the Blister Foils. Click here to know more about RAVIRAJ Blister Foils.

Strip Pack Foil

The range of soft Aluminum Foil is suitable for strip packaging of Pharmaceutical products such as Tablets, Capsules, etc. RAVIRAJ Foils is a Strip Pack Foil Supplier in Germany to the giant pharmaceutical groups. As we follow the international Aluminum Association guidelines, the soft fully annealed Aluminum alloy AA 8011 / AA 1200 is available. The standard Foil gauge options are 0.025 mm, 0.030 mm, and 0.040 mm. The LDPE is suitable with the applicable government regulations regarding direct contact with medicines and drugs. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contract with the customers. Click here to check the full specifications.

Lidding Foil

The Lidding Foils are the best suitable for sealing. The major products in FMCG use this element for sealing purpose. This foil can have both surfaces shiny or one side shiny and the other side matt as desired by the customer. We are the leading Lidding Foil Supplier in Germany. This Aluminum alloy confirms the AA 8011 standards. Click here to know more about RAVIRAJ Lidding Foil.

Light Gauge Foil

RAVIRAJ Foils made light gauge converter foil as per agreed contract with the customer. We deliver the final product as per commitment and given timeframe. We are the core Light Gauge Foil Supplier in Germany. We maintain international standards in manufacturing our products. Click here to know more about RAVIRAJ Light Gauge Foil.